Tuesday, September 9, 2014

24th of July - Traversing the state

In the past, the 24th of July is spend with our family at Bear Lake. We just go for the day, leave early and get home late, but this year we decided to do more. The 24th was spent at Bear Lake as the past, but the following two days were spent in St. George and Zions. We essentially went from one end of the state to the other.

Bear lake was nice, we got some snorkeling in, played volleyball, and tried to jump on the floating Trampoline. We just had a general good time.



We arrived home late on the 24th, and early the next day headed down to St. George. We made a stop before in a little town called Kanarraville to hike Kanarra Creek. I think this was the highlight of the trip for most. It is a short slot canyon that leads to three cool waterfalls. Crowded, but not overly.

Climbing the ladder is not near as bad as it looks, we all made it up with no problem.

This slide is fun and popular, we all went down.

Day two in St. George we headed into Zions. There all but Mom and Hannah (who was not feeling well) made it out to the top of Angels landing. We followed that by a hike in the Narrows.
Scout look out, deciding who is going up.
Josh at the top, I wouldn't let the youngest do this.

Angel Landing! We all made it, any were surprised how young the kids were. Especially when our youngest at only 7 was passing much older people on the trail telling them how fun it was while they held tenaciously to the chain or tree.
After that we headed into the Narrows, people were tired but once in the water loved it.

They wanted to keep going while others turned back. It was overcast so not as warm as it normally is, some were having more fun than others at this point.

Going back, shivering and all, they kids were obsessed with floating in the water as much as possible. Dad may have sparked this interest. The camelbaks act as life jackets and blowing air into the reservoir only made them float better.
Before heading home, we stopped at the pioneer town of Grafton (and the ending of a killer bike trail). We enjoyed perusing the cemetery and the old log cabins. Makes you thankful for what we have now. Those settlers were beyond tough.

We arrived home early Sunday morning (1 AM ), everyone was tired but loved the trip. I have not doubt this will be on everyones list to do again.


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